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Strategist + Trend Forecaster

As a strategist and trend forecaster at WGSN, my job is to forecast future macro and micro level shifts across fashion, technology and culture sectors. My areas of focus are streetwear, digital fashion, the metaverse, gender identity and digital culture. Clients include: Google, Gentle Monster, Samsung, Studio Yeah + more. 




A strategic business framework for the inclusion of female-centric design and management in the streetwear industry

University: University of the Arts London

Degree: Design Management 

Mark: Distinction



Researcher + Editor 

A study into the subconscious bias of AI and computer science, Breaking Binaries explores why the biggest innovation is philosophical.

In collaboration with Trend Atelier and Pure London

"Digital realms and the coexisting commercialisation of emerging digital aesthetics have expanded our modes and methods of self-expression. The beauty of this lies in the fluidity of identity we can readily expect. The next big innovation will be breaking binaries that limit such inclusivity and questioning the philosophies that set these standards, to begin with. Before we move forward, we must unlearn, unpack and rewire."

National Safety Council x BBDO 


22,000 people are killed each year by a prescription opioid overdose in the United States. 

As the lead strategist on the team, my job was to research the misinformed national mindset on the opioid epidemic and secure thoughtful social and OOH placements to bring awareness to the cause. This physical memorial and digital campaign garnered national media attention, a Cannes Lion award, but more importantly saved lives nationwide.

Agency: BBDO x PHD Media 


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