Role: Co-Founder 

Out of confusion, uncertainty and the thirst for artistic action in response to COVID-19, the project Limbo+Hatch was born. As a group of design forecasters dedicated to providing a unique platform to share the work and discuss the impact of the global pause on visual and word artists who continue to work in this era of Coronavirus Limbo. Our work is based from an ethnographic research methodology to explore emerging creative trends. Limbo+Hatch predicts future digital realities that capture the zeitgeist of our time. 


WE identify visual and cultural trends in the creative industries that have been accelerated by the global pandemic. WE conduct our trend research through the lens of the creative community.​ WE engage with like-minded collaborators. WE also gather ethnographic insights, to predict the changing complexities, behaviours and probable futures of the creative industries. WE predict future digital realities that capture the zeitgeist of the present pandemic.