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Managing Director and Co-Founder

Limbo+Hatch, a London-based trend and talent incubator, connects brands to next-gen digital artists and to trend insights impacting digital cultures. 

The E-MERGE Issue: derived from a 10-month research study of global emerging talent the trend report explores the merging of physical and digital. The E-MERGE Issue is a visual survey to key questions of identity and creation between IRL and URL. Featuring E-MERGING talent such as Doora News, Harriet Davey and Masha Batsii as well as industry experts including TRASHYMUSE and Trend Atelier. The Issue is in print, free of digital detritus and cyber noise; counterintuitive to the assumption that virtual creations exist only between our screens.

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As the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Limbo+Hatch, my role was to:


Research and discover emerging trends in the culture and creative sectors using an original research methodology.


Edit articles and trend reports on themes including Digital Beauty, Virtual Influence, and Digital Fashion 


Manage contributing talent to grow an international network of like-minded creatives and digital agency partnerships.


Contribute as a thought leader to industry conversations in identity, sustainability, technology and inclusivity in the style industries. 


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